Vertical Laminar air Flow

The working principle of a vertical laminar unit is quite different from a horizontal airflow hood because it consists of a fan which is placed on the ceiling of the cabinet and the contaminated air is taken in through that fan and directed from the bench top downwards in a vertical direction with a positive pressure..

Technical Specification

Cleanliness Class 100 as per us FED STD 209E( IS 14644-1)
Direction of Flow Vertical
Noise Level 65 decibel on “A” scale ± 5
Velocity 90 Feet / Minute ± 20
Front door By 5 mm thick Polycarbonate – Sliding Type
Worktable By IS 304 Grade Stainless Steel surface
HEPA Filter Retention : 0.3 Micron ,Type : Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter, Efficiency : 99.99%, Grade : H-14 Rating
PER Filter Media: Synthetic, non-woven polyester fibers, Grade: EU-4 Rating
Blower Assembly DIDW type blower system, Statically & Dynamically Balanced
Power Supply 230 V , 1 Phase , 50HZ
Controller ON/ OFF Switches, Soft Touch Switch, PLC
MOC GI With PU Coated, IS 304, IS 316
Available Size
Immuno Tech Models IMV 600 IMV 900 IMV 1200 IMV 1800
Working Size in ( L x W x H) in Ft 2*2*2 3*2*2 4*2*2 6*2*2
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