Sterile Storage Cabinet Bench


Managing cleanliness and sterilization standards is a constant challenge for healthcare facilities, especially when you face space constraints. Facilities need to maintain sterile conditions for stored sterilized implements, equipment, and inventory. This includes detailed procedures for cleaning and sterilizing, but also the right storage tools, so companies can stay compliant with regulatory standards.

Sterile storage units don’t just create a barrier between items and potential contaminants like dust, dirt, viruses, or bacteria. They regulate the temperature and humidity to prevent decay and increase the shelf life of stored goods. Medical and industrial facilities need sterile storage capabilities for scrubs and head covers, as well as other sensitive items, such as surgical instrumentation, surgical implants, medications, and surgical setups. Sterile storage cabinets offer optimal conditions for storing goods to maintain their existing level of cleanliness after they undergo sterilization or while they are in their original sealed packaging.