Soft Wall Clean Room

Softwall cleanrooms create clean, economical equipment enclosures while offering a more flexible alternative to the heavier hardwall cleanrooms. The softwall units feature a simplified support frame consisting of reinforced vertical posts, allowing for easier assembly in tight spaces. Wall panel strips of vinyl or static-dissipative PVC insulate the softwall environment and can be easily detached and reattached to transport large equipment in and out of the cleanroom. The combination of low-cost and high flexibility makes softwall cleanrooms an appealing option for any growing business.

Softwall cleanrooms isolate clean processes, or insulate dirty ones. Medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, high particulate processes, paint, automotive, packaging, or injection molding: each application is dynamic with unlimited variables.


Softwall cleanroom installation requires design consideration before reaching the installation site. Customized ceiling filters and HVAC systems prevent contaminants, harmful aerosols, and fine particulate from impeding critical processes. Steel and aluminum support structures bear customized curtain heights, lighting grids, ceilings, and custom hardware for lean temporary structures or permanent manufacturing areas.


Steel Frame Softwall Enclosures

Steel Frame units are made of tubular steel components. The components are cut, formed, welded and powder coated. The frames are bolted together to create the room.


  • Lowest overall cost per square foot
  • Standard size units can ship in as little as two weeks.
  • Complete units can be bolted together to make larger clean areas.


  • Because raw steel parts must be powder-coated, non-standard sides can take 8 weeks or more to ship.
  • Steel components cannot be easily re-purposed.
  • Steel frames are heavier, making them more difficult to move.
  • Longer assembly time


Aluminum Frame Softwall Enclosures

Aluminum Frame units are made out of Extruded Aluminum profiles with an anodized finish. They are assembled using internal clinch lock fasteners, no additional hardware is required.


  • Typical 4-week lead time for any size. Orders can be expedited for a fee.
  • Frames are lighter, allowing for more mobility with up to a 24' clear span interior.*
  • Easy assembly requires only a ladder and hex head wrench.
  • Universal extrusions allow for easy expansion or re-purposing of components.


  • Higher cost per square foot.
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