Powder Containment Booth


The Powder Containment Booth offers first class operator protection from both Powders and Particulate. The booth is designed specifically for control of medium to heavy powders whilst dispensing from containment drums to a balance or smaller container.

The unit’s open front design allows for very easy access to the working area for the easy transfer and manoeuvring a range of differing size containment drums whilst the high velocity rear extraction offers excellent containment, filtering air up to 1250m3/hr and achieving an air velocity of up to 0.7m/s. It is also supplied with a variable airflow controller to ensure optimal containment is achieved.


We are one of the leading manufacturers of a quality range of Powder Dispensing and Sampling Booths. Designed to excellence, these are utilized for protecting the operators during the process of weighing or measuring from toxic chemicals and contaminants. There are four major components that are installed within the dispensing booths in order to provide ease in its operation.

Dispensing booth is a kind of laminar flow filtration cabin which is employed in dispensing, sampling and weighing of powders and chemicals in pharma, biotech and chemical industries. Such units work on reverse laminar flow working principle and provide protection to operators, products / samples and surrounding environment.


Powder Containment Dispensing/Sampling booths, which are ideal to control the hazardous emissions of powder dust during powder dispensing/Sampling processes. The booth controls the emission of powders without any risk to the operator and product. The downdraught of HEPA filtered air from the booth prevents airborne dusts caused by handling operation away from the operator’s breathing zone. The air is forced downwards and is extracted at low level into the booth's filtration system. These powder sampling booths are available in Stainless Steel, GI Powder coated with epoxy PU coated finish. They are of international quality and performance standard offering efficient services.


Reverse Laminar Air Flow Unit operates on a re-circulatory airflow principle providing containment by air movement. The pre-filters at the base of the rear wall capture the airborne contaminants generated. Intake velocity at pre-filters increases to ensure scavenging effect. Reverse Laminar Air Flow is a purifying apparatus fitted with a high-efficiency HEPA filter to ensure maximum protection from airborne contaminants produced at the time of powder handling operations such as charging, sampling, and dispensing. Reverse Laminar Air Flow Unit is with a variety of standard dimensions also our cabinet can be custom engineered to any size.