Pass Box


The Pass Box is intended to provide practical assistance for monitoring the ingress of particulate pollution both in the clean room and in other managed environments. In addition, these pass boxes often allow the efficient transfer of materials into a regulated environment without the need for personnel movement. These are perfectly suitable for biological safety laboratory applications to assess suitability for shielding external environments from excess pollution.

Pass boxes are the perfect tool for transporting items in and out of cleanrooms. These boxes are widely used in laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical and light-industrial environments. They not only offer full protection but also facilitate transportation of products.


Static pass box on the other hand is fitted only between two clean room areas and has no air supply or extract. It is also known as passive pass box and equipped with UV light. The static pass box version is ideal when ventilation is not required in the pass box, for example, between two cleanrooms. It's mainly used for non-sensitive, fast moving products.

In any pharmaceutical manufacturing facility it is essential to minimise man / material movement & avoid cross contamination between different classified areas to achieve desired classification & to maintain integrity of products & process. The Passboxes are designed to allow material transfer without much personnel movement. It also ease controlling ingress of particulate contaminants into the cleanroom & between different classified areas.


A dynamic pass box is fitted between classified and non-classified areas. Material is passed through vertically HEPA filtered air. Dynamic pass box mainly installed between non controlled environment to a controlled environment . We can say it used to pas amterials from non-controlled to a controlled area.

A dynamic pass box is a cubicle box which has got interlocked doors located on both sides. This protects the controlled environment from being polluted while the transfer of material is taking place inside. Dynamic pass box works like an airlock or laminar air flow unit. Clean air enters in the pass box and prevents the entrance of the contamination. Cleanrooms dynamic pass box system, fully integrated into the movable wall of the clean room.