Laminar Airflow Units


An adept work region with sterile work conditions for tissue work culture is given by the laminar airflow unit. It gives smooth out the progression of air that goes through high-productivity particulate air (HEPA) that eliminates the particulate of air. In basic words, the laminar airflow unit is utilized to keep airborne toxins from entering a zone. They are utilized to prohibit pollutants from the delicate processes of gadgets, medication, and science.

The process is straightforward were the air flows with a consistent and uniform speed. The filtration system involves a pre-filter and a HEPA filter. The cabinet is encased at all sides and consistent air pressure is kept up to keep contaminated air from entering.We are pride of ourselves as being among the top laminar air flow unit makers in Chennai and we represent considerable authority in a wide range of Laminar flow cabinets.

They are divided into:
Horizontal Laminar flow cabinets.
Vertical Laminar flow cabinets.
Laminar flow cabinets and hoods.
Laminar flow benches and Booths.


Horizontal laminar flow cabinets get their name because of the heading of airflow which comes from above yet then alters course and is handled across the work an even way. The consistent progression of filtered air gives material and product insurance. With our cutting edge innovation, our Horizontal Laminar Airflow units are unparalleled with their powerful form, continuous working and execution. The material utilized for development is bar none and consequently they are high popular on the market.


Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets work similarly well as level Laminar Flow Cabinets with the laminar air coordinated vertically downwards onto the working territory. The air can leave the working zone through openings in the base. Vertical flow cabinets can give more prominent administrator insurance. Our Vertical Laminar flow units are manufactured utilizing similar top of the line and preeminent quality materials as the ones utilized in the even air flow unit. Additionally they are exceptionally high sought after because of their nominal rates.



Material of Construction

1.2mm, 18 measure steel with powder-covered or the stainless steel 304 completion Side walls – Flexible sliding PVC shades

Air flow design

A Unidirectional Vertical Down progression of air over work surface

Normal Air Flow Velocity

Vertical downstream: 0.45 mps (90 fpm)

Engine Blower

Single stage 220-240 V 50 Hz AC acceptance engines with in reverse curve impellers

Control Panel

Microprocessor based control board is situated with respect to the equipment

Work Illumination region

>1200 Lux (>100 foot candles) utilizing fluorescent tube lights situated on the front tube away from work area

UV Light

Interlocked and modified to work just when blowers and fluorescent lights are off and front window is completely shut Mounting Stand, Front band and Arm rest

Powder covered square line mounting stand with castor haggles course of action is given. Ergonomic plan includes calculated front band with stabilizers, attractive switches for door positions, arm rest, eye level LCD shows, alerts and so forth, for operator comfort


Per-filter: adjacent to ensure the HEPA air filter for drag out the life. It additionally maintains or construction product trash harms the HEPA air filter.
The laminar air stream unit cabinet: this type of material can be is AL, GL, hard plastic or stainless steel, the thickness can be 1.2-2.0 mm.
The engine: as of now, there are the two engines uses for the laminar air flow units (DC and AC) Typically the DC cost high, and the burn-through high than AC. The AC is little volume, low cost and less devour. The laminar air stream unit life around 4-100,000 hours. Immuno Tech Equipment Company has innovative cause the engine to improve the life than it.
Impeller: Two kind of impeller, one is forward another is in reverse.
Air flow uniform gadget: With the developing popularity of laminar air flow units, the vast majority of the manufactures begin to introduce the air stream uniform gadget for change the air outlet stream. It can improve the tidy up room air flow appropriation. As of now, there is three sort of this gadget. One is diffuser plate with little opening. This depend the opening thickness. Another is lattice; the third is air flow curve.
Small pleats HEPA air filter
Metal defensive mesh: Anti-static metal screen for ensure the air filter.


A laminar flow cabinet is defined as enclosed workbench which is used to create a contamination free work environment through installed HEPA filters that capture all the particles entering the cabinet. A laminar flow hood is used for work with substances which are not hazardous for the personnel health.

Laminar Flow Cabinets work by the use of in-flow laminar air drawn through one or more HEPA filters, designed to create a particle-free working environment and provide product protection. Air is taken through a filtration system and then exhausted across the work surface as part of the laminar flows process. Commonly, the filtration system comprises of a pre-filter and a HEPA filter. The Laminar Flow Cabinet is enclosed on the sides and constant positive air pressure is maintained to prevent the intrusion of contaminated room air.


Ceiling Suspended Laminar Airflow units provide enhanced aseptic work zones by utilizing unidirectional airflow to positively pressurize and purge the working environment from contaminants. Utilized as open restricted access barrier system over filling and capping machines. Stand-alone units mounted via eye bolts and drop rods over specific applications. Stand-alone units mounted over mobile stands for mobile aseptic zones.

Easy to clean, HEPA/ULPA gel-sealed design better than the conventional gasket sealed design, Sentinel™ Silver microprocessor control with audio/visual alarms for downflow velocity, Zoned magnehelic gauges for filter loading, Energy efficient teardrop lightings positioned away from downflow, Emergency stop.


All ivf laboratories should maintain 37°C temperature and proper care should be taken to record and maintain the same. Temperature measurements and temperature control in the IVF lab are crucial for the success of IVF cycle. Any deviation in temperature may be critical /dangerous for the embryos, gametes and on ivf cycle. The effects of suboptimal temperature control can be manifested as fragmentation, delayed cell division, or reduced pregnancy rates. Monitoring and documentation of temperatures inside incubators, refrigerators and freezers is an integral part of routine day to day Quality control in the IVF laboratory.

All important IVF equipments used in IVF laboratory has direct or indirect contact with embryos, gametes or the culture media. These all should be handled and monitored in an accurate and precise way. Fine temperature regulation is critical to embryology laboratories aiming to maximize in vitro fertilization (IVF) and development, implantation and pregnancy of assisted reproductive technique (ART).


Depending on our expertise in this area, we are into offering Bio Safety Cabinet. The biosafety cabinet that we convey in the market is broadly requested its unequaled quality. This is extraordinarily designed to offer personal, environmental and product protection. This is an encased, ventilated research facility for securely working with materials sullied with microbes requiring a characterized bio-safety level. A few unique types of BSC exist, separated by the level of bio-regulation required.


• Best quality
• Great design
• Very robust
• Incomparable strength


• Life Science Research
• Clinical Applications
• Mechanical Applications


We deliver our tremendous modern experience and skill around here, instrumental in giving Reverse Laminar Air Flow Unit. This is designed for giving most significant level of security from airborne pollutants delivered during powder taking care of tasks, for example, charging and dispensing. Planned with accuracy, this is ideal for operator security, product assurance and climate protection. In view of the smooth working profile and very good quality execution, Furthermore, this can be tweaked to suit the exact necessities of the customers.


• Longer service life
• Rigid construction
• Corrosion resistance


Pharma Industry