Dispensing Booth


Dispensing booth is a kind of partial purifying equipment for the filling, refilling, weighing and sampling of raw materials and compounds. It is supplied with a HEPA filter, which prevents airborne dust by means of a draught technique. The booth is also called a sampling booth or a weighing booth.

Dispensing booth is a kind of partial purifying equipment for the filling, refilling, weighing and sampling of raw materials and compounds. It is provided with a HEPA filter, which prevents airborne dust from being draught. In addition, the stall is called the inspecting corner or the gauging corner. These units take into account the requirements of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Before dispatch, each unit is tested in-house for different parameters. If you are looking for such units, please email us your query, and we will provide you with an accurate quotation of all important details.


Dispensing booth is kind of partial purification equipment for the filling, refilling, weighing and sampling of raw materials and compounds. It is fitted with a HEPA filter, which prevents airborne dust by means of a draught technique. The device removes the contamination of the powder to protect the operator and the surrounding area.

Features of operation:

Automatic changeable frequency system controls the speed of the air to ensure its stability; in the field of employment.
The differential pressure gauge is designed to track the filter in real time.
Special built air duct to efficiently regulate noise.
Uniform flow design of the main work area will protect and discourage operators from doing so environmental emissions and cross-contamination of goods.
Intelligent control mode and warning system ensure the efficiency of the service.
Smooth wall and ground transitions will remove the blind angle.
Humanized design simplifies the operation of all kinds of filters


It is planned to provide the resting environment of Class 100 with a built-in scavenging system to ensure product, operator and environmental safety. The RLAF bench considers the main application for sampling and dispensing units. Preferably used for mixing air flow to monitor the hazardous dust powder mission during the dispensing or sampling process. This ensures that powder aerosols are separated from the operator and that the operating atmosphere protects goods and provides a safe working place for employees.

The system works on the circulatory air flow principle, which provides air movement containment. The pre filters at the base of the rear wall catch the pollutants created by the air. And velocity at pre-filter sensing increased scavenging effect. A small percentage of air is discharged from the blood through the HEPA exhaust filter to keep the working space under negative pressure.


Powder Dispensing Booth, are suitable for monitoring dangerous emissions of powder dust during powder dispensing. The booth monitors the emission to the operator and the product without any risk. The HEPA air filtered from the booth removes airborne dust generated by handling operations away from the operator's breathing zone. The air is pushed down and extracted to the booth's filtration device at a low level. These powder inspection stalls are available in Stainless Steel, GI Powder and Wood Laminated Construction.

They have an international standard of quality and efficiency delivering efficient services.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of the Powder Dispensing and Sampling Booths range of quality. Built for excellence, they are used to protect operators during the process of weighing or measuring hazardous chemicals and pollutants. There are four key components that are mounted in the dispensing booths to provide ease of service.

The modules that are fitted are as follows:

Return primary air filter (also called as first stage pre filters)
Secondary Intermediate Filter (also called second stage fine filters)
Supply the final filter of air (also called as final stage mini-pleat HEPA filters)
Motorized DIDW and W blower systems


Built in compliance with WHO-GMP
Low-noise engine blower assembly
3-Stage Filtration as Pre filter, Fine Filter, HEPA Filter
Suitable for floor & table balances


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Simple to clean up
Zero chance of inhalation of powder
Multi-stage filtration

Options and accessories for:

A wide variety of configurations for any containment application:

Double-skinned PUF Separated side panels with/without windows
Stainless steel perforated grid for HEPA filter
Front Flexible PVC strip curtains
SS Perforated Scale Weighting Platform (Fix/Moveable)
High/low warning speed show
Filter shock alarms
FLP Electrical Explosion Products