Clean Room


The clean room is a specially built room for the exclusion of airborne contaminants, bacteria and other hazardous air pollutants, and indoor temperature, cleanliness, internal pressure.

A clean room is a specially built room for the exclusion of airborne particles, bacteria and other hazardous air pollutants, and indoor temperature, cleanliness, internal pressure, air velocity and air circulation, noise, vibration and lighting, static control within the reach of a certain demand. No matter how the external air conditions change, its indoor everything can retain the original set cleanliness, temperature and humidity requirements and the characteristic of pressure efficiency.


Modular cleanroom air showers are enclosed chambers placed at the entry and exit points of a cleanroom or other controlled environment. Using high-velocity jets of air and HEPA or ULPA air filter systems, cleanroom air showers remove loose contaminants from people and products before they enter the cleanroom, reducing or eliminating product defects for increased yields.

Cleanrooms are required to adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to prevent contamination. Coveralls and other protective gear are used to prevent outside contaminants from entering a cleanroom, but that isn’t always enough.


A modular cleanroom is a freestanding structure that transforms an existing facility into a clean space that is graded. As it can easily be expanded or moved to respond to a shift in demand, it is a completely flexible solution. The modular nature of the design means that it is possible to build a modular clean room of any size - from only a few square metres to hundreds of square metres. It can be installed in and around existing machinery as well. To achieve ISO-classified, ultra-clean environments, they can withstand the high volume of airflow required.

A cleanroom is defined by proper definition as a regulated environment with a decreased amount of contaminants such as particles of aerosol, airborne bacteria, dust, and chemical vapours.


Softwalls Modular Cleanrooms maintain strictly low levels of air particulates through the use of ULPA/HEPA filters. These filters are scientifically proven to reduce the size and quantity of air particulates entering a cleanroom. When non-filtered air goes through Filter Fan Units (FFUs), a positive pressure area is introduced and maintained in the clean air environment. Contamination is controlled in the clean air environment by means of the positive pressure as it prevents non-filtered air from flowing back into the cleanroom through exhaust openings.

The type of Softwalls Cleanroom aforementioned assures that only air that has passed through the filtration unit enters the internal area allowing for contamination-free production.


One of the most well known manufacturers and suppliers of clean room partitions, we offer a wide range of clean room partitions that is designed to perfection with planned filtration systems. Our clean room partitions are designed immaculately as per the specifications of our esteemed clients and according to the international standards. Suited to the demands of modular clean rooms, laboratories and food preparation areas, our range is widely appreciated. With lustrous look and elegant appeal, our clean room partitions render a breath taking ambience.

We are one of the leading Clean Room Partition Exporter and Clean Room Partitions Manufacturers as well as Clean Room Panels Exporter In India. We obligate to meet the quality standards, As per the customer demands.


High quality cleanroom accessories and supplies are a necessity in a critical environment. The wrong chair, tacky mat or cleaning spray can turn a well designed cleanroom into a particle generating machine. Placing everyday accessory items inside your cleanroom can greatly affect the performance of the room. One great analogy compares placing non-cleanroom compatible products inside your cleanroom to putting leaded gasoline into an unleaded tank. Although it would save you money at the pump, the damage to your car would offset any short term gains. That’s why preventing contamination upfront is so important. We offer a variety of superior products addressing the everyday needs of your cleanroom environment.


The Clean Room Metal Doors offered by us are highly durable. These doors are available in custom and standard models. Hectra doors available in different models as per client specifications and requirements.

Clean room metal doors are designed to meet the most uncompromising requirements for sanitized spaces or hygienic applications. These are particularly designed for applications in muggy or erosive environments. Cleanroom door is designed in flush surface finishing and easy clean feature. High-quality powder-coated steel or epoxy resin panel as the door face material is adopted. Swelling, rusting or rotting of these doors is usually not seen. The doors are generally highly hygienic as they don’t attract bacteria thus making them perfectly suitable for sectors such as pharmacy, leisure, food, and healthcare.


Validation is an important process for any cleanroom. It serves to ensure that the cleanroom is properly installed and designed for its intended ISO classification and that all of the components (facility, environment, equipment) meet regulatory requirements and other defined standards.

Validation has several phases, beginning with design qualification, and ending in final certification. Some of the tests performed in these phases include airflow volume and velocity tests, HEPA/ULPA filter leak testing, air movement visualization (smoke testing), room pressurization, room recovery, airborne particle count tests, relative humidity, temperature, and other testing conditions.


Clean rooms that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and wondered by everyone can be referred to as pressurizing the environment to remove small dust particles. Clean rooms often require regular measurements and removal of wastes and contaminants in the environment. The objectives of the clean room operations include disinfection, removal of microbes, removal of dust particles, prevention of the discharge of particulates into the atmosphere, control of pressures and humidity, and savings by using low energies within the scope of possibilities. In clean room equipment, filter systems, negative plenum deinfection technologies, sealing guarantees and UV inactivation equipment are taking place.


Clean room furniture's should be of high quality in order to perform at desired level of functionality. Some features are required to see if cleanroom furniture is of high quality. These properties include long-lasting and durable materials, coating antimicrobial corrosion-resistant surfaces and frequent maintenance and repairs. It is always easy to get reliable and fast technical service.

Cleanroom furniture is a necessity for the successful day-to-day functioning of business. Properly-adjusted cleanroom chairs and workstations ensure an ergonomic fit that is critical in order to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for continuous, effective operations. Cleanroom tables and cleanroom workstations are of special importance to ensure that tasks can be completed efficiently following the established protocols. It’s all too easy for cleanroom furniture to become an obstacle, so the right furniture to accommodate the space and employees is a significant decision.

A clean room or area is a room built and used to minimize the introduction, production and retention of pollutants within the area, with distinct environmental control of particulate and microbial pollution.


The relentless pursuit of service excellence through our clean room Technology is manifested by our persevering dedication to providing the most cost-effective approach for each and every project undertaken.

No issue is seen as easy and no solution is seen as ideal until our dedicated project teams are confident that all viable solutions have been taken into account and that the essential requirements of our customers are met.


Fed STD 209E / ISO 14644-1 Category 1 Level 1 Industrial Clean room up to

Bio-Clean room up to BSL3 with Operating Theater Suite and Biohazard Room

Our reach includes the following facilities in our clean-room system design and construction projects:

System for air conditioning and ventilation
Device of Clean Air Filtration
Air supply and exhaust system
Ultrapure water system / system for waste water treatment
Utility framework for processes
Construction enclosure system, including wall paneling, ceiling grid, floor elevation and Similar Works
System for electrical lighting and power delivery
Control device for airborne molecular contamination


Design and production skills acquired from more than many years of useful experience
Skilled project management and planning skills to execute integrated and multi-service projects efficiently and on budget.
Diverse expertise and client base in the industry:
Science of Life
Healthcare Care
Institutions of the Government
Processing Food
Microelectronics Research
Pharmaceutical Programs
Storing Data
Purified, Clean Energy

From our incorporated year, our clean room we have evolved to become a regional pioneer in engineering services for micro-contamination protection. We specialize in the following fields of operations, staffed by a team of committed service workers, half of whom are engineering professionals:

Clean rooms and clean air devices are built and constructed, like ACMV/HVAC systems
Testing and certification of clean-room efficiency (accredited by NEBB)
Sales, calibration and maintenance of instruments for contamination management and monitoring
Supplies of laboratory technology and appliances such as bio-safety cabinets, insulators, fume cupboards, and laminar flow hoods

Our clean rooms aim to be the leading provider of solutions for micro-contamination control in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and all over India. To accomplish this, by harnessing leading-edge technology and knowledge-based service capabilities to generate value for our customers, we will continue our search for innovation. We were the first organization in Chennai in the year to be Similar Works

System for electrical lighting and power delivery

Control device for airborne molecular contamination

When you set up a clean room, there are several aspects to take into account. You will need to think, along with the practicalities of how much room you have and how much space you need for your equipment: