Clean Room Door

Clean Room Door

As an expert in clean room door manufacturing and interlock system solutions, also standard-size and custom clean room doors to meet the specifications of various industries.

Our sliding and hinged doors are highly customizable and can be ordered in custom sizes on a broad scale of dimensions, in double- or single-winged models, equipped with different accessories for interlocking solutions, safety features and comfort. Both our clean room door panels and hardware are designed to be easy to install in solid wall types and also easy to clean.

All doors are manufactured in the EU in compliance with ISO-14644 or GMP standards.


When it comes to clean room there is lot to be considered in terms of material and functional requirement. Door being an integral part of any closed environment and also the only moving element, you need to consider the best possible solution for better environment. Hormann cleanroom doors are widely used in pharmaceutical units, Food processing centers, Testing centers and labs. Suitable for sterile clean rooms, the smooth surface facilitates cleaning and disinfecting, effectively inhibiting bacterial growth.


Clean room doors comes with integrated sealing system and in multiple materials like stainless steel and galvanized steel to meet stringent material specification. Since the application of clean rooms for various process are vital to the very establishment, due consideration needs to be taken for doors material, thickness finish as they may be exposed to various environment and constant cleaning.

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