Ceiling suspended laminar air flow unit

Ceiling Laminar Airflow (CLAF) unit is a containment equipment module utilizing a zoned unidirectional (laminar) downflow supply of air to positively pressurize and purge the working environment from potential contaminants; thereby providing enhanced aseptic work zones for maintaining process integrity and/or product.

Technical Specification

Cleanliness Class 100 as per us FED STD 209E( IS 14644-1)
Direction of Flow Vertical
Noise Level 65 decibel on “A” scale ± 5
Velocity 90 Feet / Minute ± 20
HEPA Filter Retention : 0.3 Micron ,Type : Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter, Efficiency : 99.99%, Grade : H-14 Rating
PER Filter Media: Synthetic, non-woven polyester fibers, Grade: EU-4 Rating
Blower Assembly DIDW type blower system, Statically & Dynamically Balanced
Power Supply 230 V , 1 Phase , 50HZ
Controller ON/ OFF Switches, Soft Touch Switch,
MOC GI With PU Coated, IS 304, IS 316
Available Size
Immuno Tech Models IMC 900 IMC 1200 IMC 1800 IMC 2400
Working Size in ( L x W x H) in Ft 3*2*1.5 4*4*1.5 6*6*1.5 8*8*1.5
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