Biohazard Cabinet


A bio hazard cabinet—otherwise called an organic wellbeing bureau or a microbiological security bureau—is an encased, ventilated research center workspace for the protected activity of microorganism defiled materials requiring a given bio peril level.

Bio hazard Cabinets (BSCs) are protected work areas with a ventilated hood built to contain pathogenic microorganisms throughout microbiological processes.

The main objective of bio hazard cabinets is to shield laboratory staff and the atmosphere from pathogenic microorganisms as aerosols which be produced during the processing of such microorganisms.

Bio hazard cabinets are only used for such risk group species and for processes that may result in the production of aerosols.

These cabinets are fitted with HEPA-filters that decontaminate the air coming out of the container.


The bio safety cabinet has three basic uses: staff, substance and environmental. Personal protection is provided when the operator is shielded from any dangerous incidents by using harmful pathogens released from the BSC. A person operating with a biological safety hood is protected by a one-way air flow and an air curtain in the opening of the bio safety cabinets.

Product protection occurs when hazardous toxins and impurities are prevented by processes, techniques or experiments carried out within the laboratory. Environmental security is the most important objective of a safety cabinet since it includes the protection of the entire workplace in which the individual works and the processes in which they operate. Cleaning up the organizational environment is a requirement for the success of the other two defensive roles.


There are three big types of biological protection cabinets. They vary in terms of their applications and the type of bio safety they are capable of providing. The level of security of the bio safety cabinet increases from level I to level III. Class I which are not appropriate for samples but offers security for users and the world around them. The second class offers security for samples, environments and users, but is divided into subtypes (the difference is between exhaust systems). The third, Class III or so-called glove boxes, is famous for offering full security. Our company offers all three classes, and they have an industry-wide use in both the public and private sectors.

Our profile wellbeing cupboards are intended to give the most ideal danger security in the clinical, instructive and medical care areas.


Bio safety Cabinets (BSCs) that provide protection for staff, goods and the environment by the use of laminar air flow and HEPA filtration in order to achieve maximum control over product quality while at the same time reducing the potential for exposure. We sell an assortment of ergonomically planned seat top and comfort models that can either be re circled once again into the lab region or into a vent exhaust framework. Bio safety cabinets can be confused with laminar hoods, as all of these parts of the equipment function as enclosed workspaces. But the laminar hood only covers the sample, not the staff and the environment, while the bio safety cabinets cover all three.

The use of bio safety cabinets or other physical containment is not needed at level 1 of bio safety, but depending on the risk assessment, some processes may require such containment.

BSCs are an integral part of bio safety as they mitigate the formation of aerosol, the protection of the atmosphere, pathogens and laboratory staff.

In addition, most BSCs often work to sterilize biological materials that are processed within the cabinets.


Customers from a wide variety of industries purchase our safety cabinets because of the standards that we have maintained and the experts who are industrious in microbiology and ensuring that their reputation is not negotiated at any expense.

Cabinet purposes

The laminar flow biological safety cabinet is designed to provide three basic forms of protection at varying degrees:

Protection of staff from dangerous agents inside the cabinet.
Product safety to prevent contamination of the job, experiment or operation.
Environmental protection from pollutants in the cabinet.

Classification is an important factor when choosing any biological protection cabinet. Over the years, the scientific community has adopted generally agreed classification standards to distinguish containment and efficiency attributes. Biological protection cabinets are classified into three groups. Baker designs and produces many of these types of bio safety container cabinets.


How is a biological safety cabinet working?

A Biological Safety Cabinet is a ventilated box that gives security to the buyer, the item and the environment from mist concentrates coming about because of the treatment of possibly perilous miniature living beings.

Continuous air flow is discharged into the atmosphere by means of a HEPA filter.

The Three Member States of Defense

Personal protection from harmful agents within the cabinet
Material Safety to prevent contamination of the samples.
Environmental protection from pollutants in the cabinet.

Biological protection cabinets are categorized into three groups based on their capacity for containment when dealing with biological agents.

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