PCR Workstation


PCR workstations are designed to protect against contamination during sensitive PCR amplification and manipulation of DNA or RNA. Since minimizing cross-contamination in turn minimizes inaccurate results, PCR cabinets and hoods are useful additions to the molecular biology and genomics lab. Features include UV light for sterilization and overlapping seams or seamless construction so harmful energy cannot escape the chamber.

PCR enclosures come in several types: Units with built-in laminar flow and incorporated HEPA or ULPA filters offer filtration efficiency of 99.999% and retention of particles 0.3 µm and larger. Dead-air or still-air boxes provide a circulation-free environment. Helpful features include digital timers for automatic control of UV light, ergonomic design, and hinged sashes for easy access.


Static PCR workstations provide HEPA filtered clean air across the entire work surfaces, UV lighting with a 30 minute timer for effective decontamination of the working environment, and easy to clean surfaces.

A Static PCR workstation, also called a Static PCR Hood, is a work space, enclosed on three sides, that provides a space for doing amplification of DNA and/or RNA. PCR hoods are used in biology and genetic labs so that there isn’t any cross contamination between samples. PCR workstations have no circulation, which helps to prevent contamination, and UV lights for sterilization. Features that vary between PCR workstations include dimensions, whether or not there is a HEPA filter, and if they have a timer for UV sterilization, so consider which meet your needs before making a purchase.

Dynamic PCR Workstation

When PCR amplification or manipulation of DNA or RNA is to be carried out with Minimum cross contamination. Bio Gene PCR work station are the labs trusted equipments. There PCR units are designed to carry out all necessary protocols with UV sterilizer controlled air particles of less than 0.3µm with the Air flow speed also programmable.

DYNAMIC PCR WORK STATION is widely used in Research Centers, Major Universities, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Medical research, Hospital, Diagnostics, Agriculture science, Pharmacology, Immunology, Genetics, Bioengineering Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology etc. Dynamic PCR Work Station is specially designed to use service in laboratory applications. PCR Work Station are provide with space & fitting to run controls. The product is powerful with its advanced technology. convenient work place to run Bio Gene PCR workstation are available in two sizes Maxi & Mini station.