Immuno Tech Equipment Pvt Ltd to become the pioneer of the market by innovate the technology to next level coexisting with the family bond of customers.Our team which includes phlebotomists, technicians, quality supervisors, administrative supervisors and couriers who are highly motivated and dedicated.Immuno Tech Equipment Pvt Ltd Quality that offers a rapid, reliable and accurate operations/Services to its customers.

We are the Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of LABORATORY FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS IN CHENNAI. Using our vast industrial experience we bring forth a wide range of Lab Furniture for our clients. These products are manufactured under the guidance and supervision of our experts and professionals. Owing to features of our products, clients prefer our lab furniture so that the quality of their utility products and processes are consistent and maximum. Our furniture is used in various colleges, offices, schools, laboratories and many other industries. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of wide ranges of Laboratory furniture to our valued clients. These products are manufactured using featured raw materials sourced from leading vendors of the market. These products are in huge demand for their durability. Our stringent quality check parameters yields high quality standard Laboratory furniture. The Fume Exhaust Hood is of three side’s closed and front side provided with up & down sliding door arrangements.

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Our Vision

“To be the country’s leading Manufacturer and Exporter of laboratory furniture manufacturers by innovating and evolving with the changing times”

Our Mission

“To understand, identify and recommend solutions to help our clients manage their deliveries and stay competitive”


Laminar Air Flow are utilized to make clean work benches. These hoods direct an even or vertical wind current through a HEPA channel to give a perfect climate. Every unit is prepared a roof incorporated fan channel unit and Clean room light units which are situated as needs be depend upon the size of the development.

Biological safety cabinets provide faculty, product and natural protection from hazardous particulates. Purifier Cell Logic+ Type A2 and B2 bio-safety cupboards have highlights specific for cell research. Bio-safety cabinets are ideal for applications that use fast or high-volume mechanical equipment.

Our clean rooms create clean air conditions any place they are required. We provide clean room products to meet your company’s specific qualifications. The custom, adaptable, secluded development of our clean rooms makes them simple to extend, reconfigure, or migrate as your clean room needs advance.

Air shower is an exceptionally flexible halfway purification device installed in the entry of clean room and non-clean room, used to decrease the pollution issues brought about by entering and leaving the clean room. At the point when individuals or products need to enter the perfect territory, they should be splashed and showered in this equipment.

Pass boxes guarantee the protected and hygienic flow of the two materials and equipment inside the clean room, and furthermore encourage the progression of material all through the clean room, utilizing airtight fixed spaces to limit contact with the external climate. We mitigate the risk of cross- pollution by utilizing a clean room conduit.

Modular clean rooms can be put anyplace in a manufacturing facility without introducing strengthening ventilation work — or pay for progressing air make-up expenses. Our compact, retractable nooks with non-vented air filtration can be designed for large or little independent workplaces, any place and at whatever point required.

A laminar flow cabinet or tissue culture hood is a carefully encased bench intended to prevent contamination of semiconductor wafers, organic examples, or any molecule sensitive materials we have various standard sizes accessible in pre-designed units or they can be uniquely crafted to suit our customer’s particulars.

Dispensing booth is a kind of laminar flow filtration cabin which is utilized in apportioning, inspecting and weighing of powders and synthetics in pharmacy, biotech and substance businesses. Such units work on opposite laminar stream working standard and give assurance to operators, products /tests and encompassing environment.

Biological Safety cabinets and other HEPA channels containing equipment, for example, in-line HEPA channels and laminar flow hoods should be evaluated on a yearly premise to guarantee. In addition giving insurance to the specialist, the accreditation likewise guarantees consistence with UBC approaches and guidelines.


Laminar Airflow Units
Bio Safety Cabinet
Pass Box
Powder Containment Booth
Fume Exhaust Hood
Clean Room
Modular Operation Theater
PCR Workstation
Laboratory FurniturE
Clean Air Module
Garment Storage Cabinet
Wet Chemical Bench
SterilE Storage Cabinet
Fan Filter Unit
Laminar Flow Benches
Biohazard Cabinets
Dispensing BootH
Air ShoweR